National Nurses United (NNU) is the largest union of registered nurses in the United States with over 170,000 members. NNU was founded in 2009 when three established nurse unions, the California Nurses Association, United American Nurses, and Massachusetts Nurses Association, joined together to form a collective organization dedicated to advocating for nurses around the country. This powerful integration brought together hundreds of years of established protection for healthcare professionals and has ensured safer working conditions, especially during the current public health crisis.

Union Spotlight: National Nurses United

At its founding convention shortly after the union’s formation, NNU established a clear plan of action to protect its nurses while simultaneously providing better healthcare to patients whose care was not prioritized by the healthcare industry. These action steps included organizing all direct care RNs into a single group capable of negotiating power, promoting collective bargaining, and influencing public policy to positively impact the entire industry. 

NNU has since established itself as a force in the industry, organizing thousands of RNs to support collective bargaining agreements in different states. The group has also sponsored legislation to reform patient safety and renegotiate the United States’ healthcare system from the bottom up.

In the past year, the focus has shifted to slowing the COVID-19 pandemic safely and swiftly. Ensuring that patients are given the best possible care while keeping healthcare staff protected is of utmost importance. The frontline worker heroes who put their safety and livelihoods on the line every day deserve to be commended and applauded for their selfless service. Healthcare workers are who we rely on in difficult times, and that has proven especially true in the past year. As we attempt to return to life as we knew it, it’s important for us never to forget the sacrifices that nurses and other essential workers have made to protect their fellow citizens’ health and best interests. Union Auto Program is proud to bring attention to successful union groups who have their members’ backs, which is a cause we support fully. In solidarity.

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