The Brotherhood of Boilermakers represents over 50,000 industrial workers whose careers are in heavy industry, manufacturing, and construction. These hardworking union members repair power plants and forge tools for the industry. An example of solidarity in action, the Brotherhood of Boilermakers protects its workers’ rights and safety standards through collective bargaining and negotiation.

Union Spotlight: Brotherhood of Boilermakers

Organized after the industrial revolution and founded in 1880, this union is one of the oldest and most established in the United States. Based in Kansas, the Boilermakers union has made its presence known across the country, including in Washington where it often influences meaningful legislation that directly benefits its members. Prior to this union’s establishment, adults worked backbreaking hours, children weren’t protected by current child labor laws, and workplace safety regulations were almost non-existent. The Boilermakers union changed that through their commitment to fighting for better conditions and treatment for its workers.

The Boilermakers union is just as active today as it was over 100 years ago. To incorporate modern technology and culture into their mission, they’ve partnered with Emmy-award-winning film company Wide Awake Films to document all of the hard work that their members do on a daily basis. 

Union Auto Program is extremely proud to highlight and stand in solidarity with such a strong and American union in the Boilermakers. Their members are able to provide for their families while being protected by their community and leadership, which is what makes all unions so important. If you are a Boilermakers union member interested in purchasing a new or used vehicle, you can register online or contact us, and a union auto sales representative can help explain how it works!

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