The largest unionized supply house in the tri-state area, Von Rohr Equipment Corp. supplies tools, equipment, and repairs for a wide variety of manufacturing companies. This unionized group takes care of its skilled and knowledgeable workers who respond quickly to requests, deliver quality products in a timely manner, and maintain a healthy inventory for suddenly needed supplies. Throughout the pandemic, Von Rohr has safely remained upon while caring for their union employees. 

Von Rorh Equipment Corp.

Von Rorh Equipment Corp.

Von Rohr is constantly expanding by partnering with affiliates who seek to improve the construction industry, providing sometimes life-saving equipment. Two Manhattan construction workers were safely rescued on October 5th, 2020. Thankfully they were wearing proper “Fall Protection Equipment”. Incidents like these prove exactly why their focus on safety and quality is paramount to their success. Offering the fairest prices and best supplies is Von Rohr’s goal, which is one they’ve been able to achieve for decades. At Union Auto Program, we seek to spotlight successful unionized companies throughout the nation.

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