The National Education Association (NEA) is the largest union in the United States. With affiliate organizations in every state that represent over 3,000,000 educators around the country, the NEA is dedicated to advancing excellence in public education nationwide. Union Auto Program is proud to bring attention to a union group with such a noble cause that helps so many find success.

Union Group Spotlight: National Education Association

The NEA seeks to provide a positive public school experience for every student in the nation. By striving for equal opportunity, partnership, and collective action, the NEA is committed to advocating for education professionals to set their students up for success. Its leaders have shared goals that provide security for educators to successfully complete their critical role of educating the future of America. Every year, the NEA publishes its current policy statements, which represent the group’s perspective on a variety of topics. For 2020-’21, these issues include privatization programs, kindergarten and pre-kindergarten standards, and digital learning sustainability, among others. These issues are particularly relevant as educators around the world attempt to transition from classrooms to laptops, as a large percentage of schools have moved to exclusive remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ensuring that students aren’t falling behind while transitioning to different methods of learning is of utmost importance for the NEA, and its policy statements hope to ensure that this is addressed.

Children are the leaders of tomorrow, and educators are vitally important in ensuring that our society has the skills to transition from childhood to adulthood. The National Education Association advocates for the rights and protections of its members with the goal of maximizing the education system’s potential for both educators and students alike. Union Auto Program stands in solidarity with groups that represent the foundational principles of unionism, which protect hard-working members and their families.

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