The International Association of Fire Fighters is one of the largest union groups in the country. Wide-ranging in its membership, IAFF is made up of nearly 300,000 members across more than 3,000 affiliate branches across the United States and Canada. Not only has this union group negotiated and advocated for its members, but it has also helped advance safety and emergency services significantly for all firefighters in the past decades.

Union Group Spotlight: International Association of Fire Fighters + Local 134

IAFF’s biggest local group in Georgia is Local 134. Made up of over 1,000 members, Local 134 is a perfect representation of what IAFF, and unions in general, stand for. In 2019, for example, Local 134 announced a plan to increase its members’ base pay by over 25%. This wage increase was multifaceted, as it ensured a better and more dignified life for its firefighter members while also drawing the most reliable and experienced individuals to protect the highly populated city of Atlanta. The IAFF has consistently looked out for its members by providing fair wages, additional benefits, and increased safety standards for this uniquely dangerous occupation.

IAFF has expanded its member offerings with multiple programs, such as its recent Center of Excellence for Behavioral Health Treatment and Recovery, which offers treatments for post-traumatic stress recovery in an effort to return afflicted individuals back to the workforce in a healthy and responsible manner. Exclusive to its union members, this institution assists many firefighters in need of help. The IAFF also sponsors the Muscular Dystrophy Association and has raised millions of dollars in its name.

Union Auto Program is proud to spotlight a union group making significant positive impacts in the lives of hardworking firefighters across the country. Knowing that there are union-protected and skilled workers prepared to put their lives on the line to protect their fellow citizens should make everyone living within IAFF’s jurisdiction feel comfort and peace of mind. Hardworking union members are the backbone of the country, and it’s important to give them the recognition and credit they deserve. 

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