Based in Georgia, IATSE Local 479 is dedicated to unionism and worker representation in the motion picture industry. In recent years, the filmmaking industry has grown significantly in Georgia, leading to some calling it “the Hollywood of the south.” This group has worked tirelessly to ensure fair wages and working conditions for their members. Working with local and state legislatures when necessary, IATSE Local 479 is willing to do whatever it takes to protect their member’s rights.

UAP Highlight IATSE Local 479

Their members receive healthcare and retirement plans that set them up for a prosperous future. By working on union-negotiated projects, members receive funds for these important necessities. During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, IATSE helped many of its members file for unemployment. During these difficult times, IATSE even offered free classes for its members to set themselves apart and get back into the workforce. In an effort to safely reopen from the pandemic, this union has abided by public health and safety guidelines like social distancing and PPE to prevent further spread. As one of IATSE’s members put it, “They petition for your rights in the government constantly … I would rather be unionized than not any day of the week.” We commend the commitment IATSE Local 479 has made to its members.

The geniuses behind the scenes who turn fantasies into reality, these members help with all aspects of motion picture production from special effects makeup to lighting and set design. At Union Auto Program, we like to show appreciation for union groups that have their members’ interests in mind and fight to protect them every day.

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