Chevrolet has improved its midsize Colorado model to keep up with the truck market that has become so popular in the U.S. recently. The 2021 Chevrolet Colorado has historically been known as a practical choice because of its high towing capacity and smooth ride, but interior upgrades and modern technology take the 2021 iteration to the next level. Those changes, along with a newly-renovated exterior appearance, make for an enticing upgrade that fits well into Chevy’s iconic and American-made lineup. 

New improvments raise the Colorado to Chevrolet’s high standards


There are different powertrain options for the Chevrolet Colorado, from an inline four-cylinder to an eight-speed automatic V6 capable of 308 horsepower. Each powertrain has unique advantages, whether they are the V6’s speed (0 to 60 miles per hour in just 6 seconds) or the diesel option’s 369 pound-feet of torque. The most powerful versions can all tow impressive loads of over 7,000 pounds, keeping the Chevrolet Colorado is extremely competitive in its class in terms of towing capacity. Additionally, trailer-sway control technology ensures that both the truck and trailer are kept in control when road conditions are less than ideal. Fuel efficiency is another selling point for the newest Colorado, which proves more efficient than its in-class counterparts. 

Spaciousness and comfortability were important aspects of Chevrolet Colorado’s latest redesign process. Passengers are given plenty of legroom to make sure they don’t feel cramped on longer trips. A sizable center console and crew cab compartment offer plenty of storage space for everyday items. 50 cubic feet of cargo bed space completely outsizes competitors, where the average is instead just 34 cubic feet. The Chevrolet Colorado’s interior pairs nicely with its new outward look. 

Technology is another strong point for the Chevrolet Colorado, which isn’t surprising when considering that Chevrolet has always kept up with industry standards. Its standard 7-inch touchscreen system integrates seamlessly with smartphone apps like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. A built-in Wi-Fi hotspot makes sure that everyone can stay connected to their devices at all times. Safety features like collision warnings, lane departure alerts, and a rear parking proximity sensor keep passenger well-being at the forefront while allowing the Chevrolet Colorado’s impressive specs to shine. 

The Chevrolet Colorado has improved in almost every way when compared to previous models. A more attractive exterior, accommodating interior, and impressive technology are up to the high standard that has helped Chevrolet become a household name. If you’re interested in purchasing a Chevy of your own, or any other make and model, you can browse through our wide-ranging inventory on our website here.

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