Up until recently, the electric vehicle market has struggled to convince Americans to move toward environmentally-friendly options. Trucks, while practical and powerful, often fail to meet the increasingly stringent environmental standards being put into law, but are very popular. Instead of doubling down on their fuel-powered vehicles, many manufacturers are viewing the electric market, specifically electric trucks, as the future of the automotive industry. Tesla’s Cybertruck and Dodge’s Hummer EV are set to release soon, and will be just as capable if not more powerful than their predecessors. If offered the opportunity to purchase American made electric trucks, consumers will gladly make upgrades that meet their personal needs and satisfaction while helping preserve the environment. This isn’t only good for the automotive industry, but an opportunity for union groups to expand and thrive.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) is a labor union with workers all across the country in a variety of industries. The industry shifting toward electric vehicle production is a massive economic opportunity for union workers to support this transition. The vehicles need to be built, and they need to be powered by the results of electrical workers’ efforts. Billions of dollars are already being spent to support factory transformations that will support electric production because investors recognize the potential that electronic trucks offer. Up until now, the difference in performance between electric and non-electric trucks was too severe and noticeable to spark excitement about EVs. As technology has developed, however, and more of an emphasis has been placed on EV performance, electric trucks hitting the market as soon as 2021 will be just as powerful, which is exciting many truck fans around the country.

For years, many have questioned whether moving away from traditional combustion engines could hurt the automotive industry because EV demand was so low. But now, consumers, manufacturers, and union workers are all becoming more excited about the opportunity for growth in the industry. Amazon has already committed to using over 100,000 electric delivery vans in the next 10 years. Electronic plants, which are often created by union groups and are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, are popping up all across the U.S. Instead of the underwhelming response we have come to expect after EV reveals, more recent announcements have sparked fanfare and anticipation unlike any we’ve seen before.

At Union Auto Program, we recognize electric vehicles as the future of the automotive industry. To get there, though, plants need to be built and factories need to be sustained. This presents a vast opportunity for new jobs, particularly within union groups and the IBEW. The growth of electric power will employ many workers and will help protect the environment while stimulating the economy, which are all excellent goals to strive for. Popular electric vehicles are being made by union workers, which creates jobs for IBEW members. 

You can read more directly from IBEW’s website by clicking here.

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