On the night of the presidential election, Floridians discovered that their state voted to pass a $15 minimum wage requirement. This legislation has been supported and advocated for by union members for years. More than six million Florida residents voted in favor of Amendment 2, which will increase the wages of 2.5 million low-wage workers across the state. 

Florida passes $15/hr wage

Amendment 2 will help millions of workers in the Sunshine State
 - Amendment 2 will help millions of workers in the Sunshine State

The “Fight for $15” movement started years ago to provide low-wage service workers a dignified salary enough to support themselves modestly. The federal minimum wage of $7.25 hasn’t increased the same way living, education, and other costs have, putting many workers under the poverty line. This bill’s passing is likely to benefit many different demographics in the Sunshine State.

Many think this accomplishment is a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic, which saw low-wage frontline workers risking their safety and health to serve their communities. These efforts are finally being recognized and appreciated, as shown by the allocation of funds to these workers’ salaries. This Amendment’s passing is a reminder of how effective and useful collective bargaining can be in the workplace.

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