Hatchbacks for Sale

Buying a new car is made easy when you enlist the help of our Union Auto Program. Our staff has picked the top hatchback cars for sale based on safety, space, performance, technology, and so much more! Before we go into the top-rated hatchbacks available for purchase, let’s discuss the concept of hatchbacks and the many benefits these vehicles have to offer.


What Is a Hatchback Car?

Hatchback cars are smaller cars that have been around for decades. If you have ever seen a Ford Focus or a Volkswagen Golf, then you have seen a hatchback car before. Hatchbacks are best known for having a boot lid that incorporates the rear window and is hinged at the top of the vehicle.

Hatchbacks differ from saloon cars because of their full-height extra door located in the back of the car. The term hatchback can be used to describe both the body type of a car and to describe a category of a car. At Union Auto Program, we have a massive inventory of new and used hatchbacks for sale with a wide range of body styles, types, and features.

Benefits of a Hatchback

Driving a hatchback provides union members with a wide range of benefits. Hatchback cars offer a higher roofline offering drivers the ability to haul larger and bulkier cargo easily. Higher roofline hatchbacks also provide extra head space for passengers, especially in the rear seats. One of the greatest benefits of driving a hatchback is the superior interior volume feature providing maximum space flexibility. Our new and used hatchbacks for sale also allow for better driving visibility. With bigger window space, drivers can have a better view in both the front and rearview mirrors. While it may seem small on the outside, this vehicle has an expansive interior providing drivers with extra space and comfortability.

New and Used Hatchbacks

At Union Auto Program, we offer convenient and fair-priced union member benefits programs and provide families with top-rated hatchbacks for sale with value and savings at the forefront of every deal. Receive one free choice of Peace of Mind Benefits with a new or pre-owned hatchback purchase. If you have any questions regarding our vehicle inventory or want to find out more about our new car program, please contact us, and a Union Auto Program representative will be more than happy to assist you!