At Union Auto Program, we stand by providing the best convertibles on the market. Finding the convertible car of your dreams doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Our member advocates have you back through the entire process for the easiest car buying experience. Union Auto Program has picked some of the top convertibles available and has considered all the essential features. When it comes to buying a convertible, our team has deep-dived into safety, entertainment, technology, luxury, and so much more. Before you explore all our convertibles for sale, let’s discuss the benefits of convertibles.

What Makes a Car a Convertible?

A convertible car, often referred to as a cabriolet or drop-top car, is a vehicle that can be driven with or without a foldable or removable roof. A convertible vehicle can transform from being a roof-top model car to an open-top model in a matter of minutes. The top of a convertible can be either hard or soft, depending on preference.

Advantages of Buying a Convertible Car

One of the many advantages of buying a convertible car is better visibility. With a drop-top vehicle, you will have a wider radius of vision, so you will be able to see more around you. Maneuvering and parking are incredibly easy to do in a top-down convertible.

Our convertibles for sale are also amongst the most versatile cars. Transform your convertible from cabriolet to coupe or sedan in a matter of minutes with a retractable roof. Enjoy the best of both worlds when you drive a top-rated convertible. Convertibles also offer added headroom, making it the perfect car for taller drivers.