Buying a commercial car is made easy when you join our union member benefits program. At Union Auto Program, we are a convenient, fair-priced union auto dealership network that provides members access to huge savings. In addition, when you buy one of our new or pre-owned commercial vehicles for sale, you get a free choice of one Peace of Mind benefit. But before you explore our inventory of commercial cars, let’s take a look at some of the benefits and features of driving a utility vehicle.

What is a Commercial Vehicle

A commercial car can also be referred to as a utility vehicle. It can be any motor vehicle used for paying passengers or transporting cargo and other goods. When buying a new or used commercial car, you can expect to drive a panel van, sedan, limousine, truck, SUV, or small commercial van. Most pickup trucks are light commercial vehicles or LCVs and might be taxed differently from conventional commercial cars used to transport people.

Benefits of Commercial Vehicles

Driving our commercial vehicles offers a wide range of benefits. Some benefits to investing in business vehicles are that they offer flexibility, durability, and the ability to transport numerous goods, cargo, or passengers. However, one of the greatest benefits of purchasing a new or pre-owned commercial car or utility vehicle is the wide range of features the different types of vehicles offer. With a wide range of commercial vehicle types to choose from, car buyers can find a utility car or vehicle that best fits their specific needs based on their business.

Buying a Commercial Car with Union Member Benefits

At Union Auto Program, we have a wide range of commercial vehicles for sale. Our promise to union members and their families is to always provide fair pricing and a great car buying experience. In addition, we offer complimentary benefits when buying a new or used commercial car like no other program in the industry. Contact us for more information regarding our cars for sale, and a representative from our team will be more than happy to assist you in finding the right commercial vehicle for you!