John Perez knows the importance of unity and having other peoples’ back. When he founded CB Auto Group, his top priority was protecting members with benefits and an approach that creates peace of mind. Mr. Perez understands how challenging it can be to make such an important purchase and wants to ensure that members are treated respectfully and fairly during the car-buying process. His military service taught him important lessons that he still uses today, and that he should always take care of those closest to him. 

Mr. Perez was young when he served and was stationed in Europe and Vietnam. After college, his journey started at Fort Benning where his drill sergeant taught him strong discipline through hard work. He remembers the bonds that he created with other service members as a brotherhood that always looked out for one another. Mr. Perez has many positive memories and stories from basic training and says that he kept up with family at home through letters. At the end of his service, he was discharged from the Army as an E5 Sergeant. Once he returned home, he taught Spanish and mathematics at the Charlotte Hall Military Academy, which he loved because it let him give back to the community. John hopes that civilians recognize that veterans serve to protect their country’s way of life.  

Mr. Perez’s military experience taught him valuable lessons. Protecting others, whether through military service or a car-buying program that puts members first, is CB Auto Group’s foundation. Cultivating and maintaining community relationships is incredibly important and continues to stay top of mind. CB Auto Group will always have the backs of its members because of its founder’s core values, offering protective benefits and peace of mind unlike any other in the industry.